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Welcome to Gaia Dairy

Vamaa Dairy Pvt Ltd began its operations in the year 2018 and is located in Tumgaon, district Mahasamund of Central India. At Gaia, we celebrate the simple pleasure of delivering wholesome dairy from our family farms to your doorstep, without any compromise in the quality and taste.
Our raw milk isn't just any milk – we personally ensure that it satisfies the highest of requirements. We look out for our community, stand for sustainability and strive to retain the direct, personal touch with all our stakeholders.

Our Story

The story of Gaia dates back to 2008, when we had gone on a trip to Israel. Who knew one vacation would inspire us to revolutionize the dairy culture of Chhattisgarh? During our days in Israel, we had been to a lot of farms and agricultural lands, and we were really impressed with the traditional farming and dairy culture. Being so deeply fascinated with the whole culture, the idea of starting something similar back in our homeland immediately got stuck in our heads.
So, with a head full of dreams, the idea of Gaia came into being. With years of in-depth research and the knowledge of how and what works, the plant was set up in 2017 with the tag “DoodhTaaza, Shakti Zyada”.

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To build sustainable communities and empower rural farmers through our shared passion for dairy.


To deliver high quality dairy products to all the households, without compromising the taste.

Every time you raise a glass of Gaia milk, a farmer smiles!

The core aim behind this initiative was to use the power of business to empower the lives of local dairy farmers. The milk for all our products is collected from small farmers of the nearby villages and is then brought to our state-of-the-art plant for controlled processing and packaging. A part of our earnings is generously invested in the well-being of the farmers with resources and tools they need to keep in order to provide you with your favorite premium dairy products. At Gaia, we celebrate the simple pleasure of delivering high quality dairy from our family farms to your breakfast tables. Our journey along hasn’t always been so smooth. Some decisions we took worked out better than the others, but we still continue to strive towards excellence every day. We at Gaia, don’t want to become like every other dairy brand, something you buy for a few years then shift to something else, instead we want to make a personal connection with every customer of ours. We want to make your family a healthy and happy Gaia family by providing you with premium dairy products. We exist to establish a relationship where mothers trust our milk with their children. To make the youth healthy with products full of raw nutrients and goodness. We want you to give us a chance to make you feel homelike. We’re here to stay, to become your household name!